FRP Handrail & Guardrail Products

FRP Handrail Styles

Sinta Fiberglass’ OSHA compliant fiberglass reinforced handrails are offered in four versions:
1. Light duty
2. Standard
3. Heavy duty
4. Ergonomic oval system
Custom fiberglass handrail systems for other applications including landscaping, architectural and ADA compliance are also available upon special order request.

Structural Shapes fiberglass grating handrail system

FRP Handrail System

Light Duty Standard Heavy Duty Handrail Ergonomic Oval
Top Rail 1 5/8” x 3/16”
Square Tube
2” x 1/4”
Square Tube
2” x 1/4”
Square Tube
2 1/8” x 1 1/2” x 1/4”
Ergonomic Oval
Post 2” x 3/16”
Square Tube
2” x 1/4”
Square Tube
2” x 1/4”
Square Tube
2” x 1/4”
Square Tube
Mid Rail 1 1/2” x 1/8”
Round Tube
1 1/2” x 1/8”
Round Tube
2” x 1/4”
Square Tube
1 1/2” x 1/8”
Round Tube
Kickplate 4” x 1/2” x 1/8” Ribbed
Pedestal FRP Molded Part / SS316 / Other designs also available

FRP Handrail Parts

Benefits of Fiberglass Reinforced FRP Handrails

FRP handrail systems provide five key benefits in both standard and custom deployments. Your operations will run more smoothly and you’ll likely save money over time thanks to these characteristics.

  1. Multiple Resistances: Almost every major industrial hazard can be addressed with the right combination of coatings and composition.
    • high strength-to-weight ratio
    • corrosion resistant
    • non-sparking
    • non-conducting
    • fire retardant
  2. Significant Safety: Sinta Fiberglass’ handrails reinforced with fiberglass are designed to provide your workers with a safe environment. They offer significant strength, low electrical conductivity and are within all OSHA standards. Everything comes in OSHA yellow and has the right post spacing, cages and more.
  3. Low Maintenance: FRP handrails don’t require consistent cleaning, sandblasting, painting or scraping to maintain their protections. You’ll all watch them consistently outlast any metal handrails on your site.
  4. Streamlined and Flush Design: No more snags or caught gloves. Every handrail element is designed to link up flush with other elements, such as ladders and ramps.
  5. Easy to Assemble: Fiberglass handrail systems are lightweight and created to meet standard sizes for posts and railings. We’ll build out custom units or large sections and you can quickly install each without the need for heavy lifting equipment.

Typical FRP Handrail System

FRP handrail systems are offered in one of three system designs by Sinta Fiberglass: Heavy Duty Handrail System, our Standard Duty Handrail System and our Light Duty Handrail System.

All systems exceed OSHA requirements for handrail systems. While some provide much stronger resistance to loading conditions, all of Sinta Fiberglass’ fiberglass reinforced handrail systems offer corrosion resistance and maintenance free service at a competitive price. Choose from one of these Sinta handrail systems, depending on the severity of the service environment.

typical-handrail-systemSinta Typical Handrail System


OSHA Standards

Sinta osha-standard
Sinta OSHA Standard

Custom Fiberglass Handrail Systems

Sinta Fiberglass is also able to craft custom FRP fiberglass handrail systems for your worksite. Whether you need a unique length, want support for tight turns, wish to increase the height and number of rails, or have other requirements, we’re here to build your custom creation.

Our in-house shop, located in Houston can fabricate a wide range of custom fiberglass handrails. Call us at 1-800-200-3047 to learn more about the custom solutions that can be designed to save your workers and your budget.

Handrail Post Installation Guide

Sinta handrail-guide-1

To 6″ I-Beam w/ Spacer

Sinta handrail-guide-2

To 6″ WF-Beam w/ Spacer

Sinta handrail-guide-3

To 6″ Channel w/ Spacer