Please review the following FRP Ordering Information

The following Fiberglass FRP Ordering Information will assist you in your order.


  1. Application or use of product
  2. Physical Requirements
    a. exposure to chemicals and/or extreme temperatures
    View Resistance Guide
    (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required Download free reader)
    b. fire retardant rating
    c. loading requirements, span and support systems



  1. Type:
    a. Molded – rectangular or square pattern and mesh size
    b. Pultruded – I-Bar or T-Bar
  2. Resin & Color: minimums may apply–please inquire
  3. Quantity: number of panels, areas or treads–full size or cut pieces required
  4. Height:
    a. Molded –panel height
    b. Pultruded–bar height
  5. Width: width of panel, plank or pieces
  6. Length: length of panel, plank or pieces
  7. Surface: plain or with grit
  8. For Pultruded I-Bar or T-Bar planks: indicate spacing between bearing bar centers and cross bar centers. Also indicate span of bearing bars shown in diagrams
  9. For Molded/rectangular panels: indicate span shown in diagram
  10. Special Fabrication: cut-outs, etc.
  11. Fasteners: type, size, hardware


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