FRP Clips and Accessories

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Sinta Fiberglass offers FRP accessories such as specially designed clips and attachments that both fasten panels together and to secure them to support structures. All FRP clips are made of type 316 Stainless Steel and are available in 1”, 1-1/2” and 2” sizes.

M Clips

M clips, sometimes called FRP saddle clips, secure 2 fiberglass grating load bars to the support. This provides excellent holding capability and because of this, are recommended for stair treads and most molded and pultruded fiberglass gratings.

M Clip molded FRP

For Molded Fiberglass

M Clip pulturded FRP

For Pultruded Fiberglass

M Clip fiberglass

C Clips

This end panel clip is specifically designed to tie two panels of molded fiberglass gratings together to minimize differential defections when their joints fall between supports. C clips are also used in grating leg systems for panel abutments. The lower nut is welded to clip so installation is from top side of fiberglass grating floor. C clips should be placed every 2′-3′ to meet industry requirements.

C Clip molded fiberglass grating

For Molded Fiberglass

C Clip fiberglass

W Clips

This 1-1/2” diameter fastener is used for holding down plates and covered fiberglass gratings. The W clip’s recessed center allows the fastener to sit flush with this ADA compliant (< 1/4” high) hold down clip. The length of the bolt should correspond with the height of the panel.

W Clip

For Fiberglass Plates

W Clip fiberglass

L Clips

This lighter duty clip should be specified to hold one fiberglass FRP grating load bar to the support for lighter duty loads.

L Clip molded fiberglass grating

For Molded Fiberglass

L Clip fiberglass

Pawl Clips

For the ultimate in holding capacity of square mesh molded fiberglass grating, the exclusive Fiberglass Grating Pawl clip should be specified. These clips clamp 4 load bars to the support, offering excellent bidirectional resistance to loads from seismic or other lateral forces.

Pawl Clamp for square frp grating

For Molded Square Fiberglass

Pawl Clip fiberglass

G Clips

G clips are a hold down clip for square FRP grating with no drilling requirement. The lower jaw of the clip grips the support flange when the bolt is torqued. A heavier top clip then completes the assembly to carry the loads. Providing excellent bi-directional holding capability for molded square mesh fiberglass grating.

G Clip fiberglass

For Molded Square Fiberglass

G Clip fiberglass

T Clips

T clips offer the solution for below-surface attachment to pultruded fiberglass gratings. When used these FRP clips should be specified in pairs as shown.

T Clip pultruded fiberglass

For Pultruded Fiberglass

T Clip fiberglass

J Clips

J clips are specified to hold one fiberglass grating load bar to the support frame and is for lighter duty loads.

J Clip pultruded fiberglass grating

For Pultruded Fiberglass

J Clip fiberglass

PedestalsFiberglass Pedestals fiberglass

Made with the same adherence to quality as all Sinta Fiberglass products, specially designed pedestals for square mesh molded grating are manufactured to provide safe support for elevated flooring. Pedestal supported floors are versatile; they can be modified or moved from place to place as necessary and pedestals are generally much less expensive than beam support systems. Adjustable pedestals are available in heights from 3-1/4” to 72” (with additional bracing). Pedestals are available with 1-1/2” or 2” single heads or quad heads to fit Sinta grating.

Rubber FeetRubber Feet for Molded Grating

Specially designed rubber feet are an economical way to create a raised, ergonomic grating workmat for use around machines, lathes and in wet areas. With the rubber feet, facilities have a cost-effective solution to elevate grating needed for drainage or waterflow and safe, ergonomic platforms. The feet raise the grating 1/2” above the ground, and along with the open mesh, protect workers by allowing chips and fluids to fall below the standing surface eliminating slip and fall hazards.

Sealing and Bonding Kitssealing and bonding kits fiberglass

To maintain corrosion resistance and structural integrity, Sinta Fiberglass offers standard resin sealing in 1/2 pint and gallon kits for protecting the exposed ends of cut panels and other components. One 1/2 pint kit coats approximately 20-40 lineal feet. Sealing and bonding kits come in a natural, unpigmented color.